About New Touch Skin Care Clinic


Our key qualities centre around – Best practices in pre and post-treatment patients care, high expectations in skincare cleanliness and least post-treatment vacation for clients.

All the clinical treatments at Bliss, are directed utilizing the highest skincare convention by the doctors.

Our in-house drug store department and devoted team care for your prescription needs and assist you with following your skincare system for best outcomes. The drug store just stocks demonstrated and reliable brands.

We specialize in the following services:

• Clinical Dermatology
- Laser hair removal
- Allergic Skin Problem
- Hair Clinic
- Nail Clinic
- Auto Immune Condition
- STD (Sexualiy Transmitted Disease)

• Surgical Dermatology
- RF Cautery
- Vitiligo Surgery
- Microdermabrasion With Dermal Drug Infusion
- Nail Removal
- Dermaroller
- Dermabrasion
• Aesthetic & Laser Dermatology
- Permanent Laser Hair Reduction
- Chemical Peeling
- Microdermabration
- Periorbital Hyperpigmentation
- Botox / Filler's / Thread Lift
- Mesotherapy / No Needle Mesotharapy
- Hair Transplant

• Diet & Nutrition
- Obesity
- Under Weight
- Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid
- Pre-Pragnancy Nutritional Balance
- Diet for Pregnancy & Lactation

Our Mission

Our central goal at Bliss is to keep up an atmosphere of professionalism, individual consideration and exceptional clinical and aesthetic care.Bliss takes a stab at greatness in patient care. It recognizes its responsibilities as a leader nationally. We share a pledge to patient-focused care. Within this system, the overall targets, which are all of equivalent significance, are :
• To give a wide scope of best dermatologic services that will keep up Bliss as a significant dermatologic referral place for the entire population of India.
• To provide an environment wherein representatives may develop and create work fulfillment and work securely to accomplish the mission of the Bliss.
• To help out other agencies, including intentional wellbeing agencies and different facilities in the quest for these goals and targets and to help them in meeting their objectives where conceivable.
• To provide leadership in the expert improvement of medical care suppliers.
• To take an interest in exercises intended to advance the overall dermatologic wellbeing and prosperity of the people of India so far as conditions may warrant.

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