Advanced Chemical Peeling

What is an advanced chemical peel ?

Progressed chemical peels are used when the typical peels can't be used to address the defects. This is frequently taken as the answer for blotchiness, coarse wrinkles and some profound acne scars. The recovery time, however, is lengthy and little more unpredictable than superficial milder chemical peel methods.


The advanced chemical peels skin treatment is non-surgery Skin Specialist and Cosmetologist prescribe when there is more profound harm to the skin including extreme sun harm, coarse deep wrinkles, some select scars and even pre-dangerous developments.


These could be a combination of peels, stepwise peels or peels joined with different techniques like microdermabrasion.

Chemical Peels


1) Acne
2) Acne scar/spots
3) Pigmentation disorder
4) Uneven skin tone
5) Photo ageing
6) Wrinkles
7) Sunspots

• Chemical peels induce controlled skin injury through the application of a substance to the skin.
• It can be performed on face/neck, hands, underarm, around eyes to improve the appearance of skin and to improve skin texture.
• Chemical peels can be done alone or in a combination of other cosmetic procedures.
• They can be done at a different depth from superficial to deep.
• Chemical peels reveal brighter, smoother and more refined complexion. It also improves the overall look and feelof the skin along with improvement in skin texture.


1)Superficial Chemical Peeling
2)Medium depth Chemical Peels
3)Deep Chemical Peels